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Mark-It Services Installing 1000 WAM-D Tags on 2 Terminals & 2 Vessels; 50 WAM-R Contracted

Mark-It Services has completed another agreement to provide a Wireless Asset Management (WAM) system to one of its customers. By the end of the 2nd quarter of 2010, one thousand WAM-D RF tags will be permanently mounted on 1,000 refrigerated containers. Mark-It Services will install the RF infrastructure for WAM-D on two terminals and two vessels.

Once installation is complete, the customer will have real-time "port to port" visibility of all its reefers. In addition to the standard remote monitoring of reefers at two terminals and while in transit aboard two vessels, forward commands such as the ability to set temperature, pretrip, clear alarms, and download can be executed from a computer terminal.

The WAM software application will be integrated with the customer's terminal operating system (TOS). Of the many benefits reaped by this integration, perhaps the greatest benefit is that when the customer monitors their reefers through WAM, real-time reefer conditions will be merged with shipping information such as commodity, prenoted set temp, and reefer position on the vessel and on the terminal.

Mark-It Services is also contracted to provide 50 WAM-R GPRS devices to the customer. The WAM-R devices are detachable and therefore can be installed on high-value loads to provide "door to door" visibility to the shipper. The WAM-R solution provides the same abilities as WAM-D, but with the distinction of being on a worldwide cellular network that allows the reefer to be controlled and monitored outside the confines of the RF enabled locations while providing GPS based container tracking.

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