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World Cargo News – February 08

Welcome to Mark-It Services - your END to END SOLUTION for reefer monitoring and protective services.

Mark-It Services provides Web based monitoring and protective services for refrigerated containers and related assets as they move through the intermodal cold chain – Port, Vessel, Rail, and Road.

Moving into its 20th year in business, Mark-It Services (MIS) manages over 95% of all Intermodal reefer cargo for all the major shipping lines, from In-gate Origin to Out-gate Destination.

This equates to over 75,000 reefer loads per month and spreads across more than 110 locations throughout the US.

Our innovative Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) solution gives shippers and port owners unprecedented transparency and access to manage and protect cold chain assets.

  • Refrigerated Reefer TrackingSteamship Lines, Rail Shippers, and Trucking Companies – see shipments in real time, understand cargo condition and take action upon events you flag. WAM-R provides full two-way reefer control on a global scale. Use WAM as a stand alone service or combine with Mark-It's protective service offerings to provide unprecedented protection of refrigerated cargo.
    => Learn more about WAM & WAM R®

  • Rail Shippers – monitor and track gensets globally to prevent reefer load loss, prevent fuel theft, and provide facility identification for unutilized assets.
    GPS Reefer Tracking => Learn more about WAM D

  • Port Owners – have full two-way control of reefers, reduce labor costs, reduce claims, and provide improved customer service.
    => Learn more about WAM G

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