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GPS Container Tracking

WAM-G (Genset Tracking and Monitoring)

WAM-G Nationwide CoverageOverview

Using the same proven platform as the WAM-R, the WAM-G is focused on assisting genset owners and operators to manage and control their valuable assets like never before.

With nation wide coverage using GSM, gensets equipped with the WAM-G solution provides visibility to locate, trace and monitor all conditions onboard the genset.

Monitored points include:

Fuel level
Fuel theft
Fuel ‘billed’
Run hours and PM alerting
Engine state run/stopped
GPS location and geofence reporting
Engine stalls
Reefer connection detection
Battery condition
Movement and bread crumb tracing

Any change to monitored points can be notified to the WAM-Central software application as well as providing individual or group email and phone alerts.

Form Factor

The WAM-G is small and fits covertly in the frame of either nose or belly mount gensets with only the antenna visible. The device is designed for robust environments like those experienced by intermodal assets. The device is connected to the WAM software application continuously and updates such as new geofence points or parameter changes can be performed over the air without any physical intervention.

WAM-G container tracking


  • Dramatically reduce fuel theft
  • Reduce reefer claims (from failed gensets)
  • Increase utilization
  • Eliminate manual inventory counting
  • Provide maintenance information
  • Improve data entry quality
  • Improve customer service


WAM-Central - User Interface

All raw wireless data collected from the gensets is processed through the WAM-Central software application and pushed through to the user interface. This highly interactive and graphical web based software provides the user with a birds eye view of all monitored assets grouped and displayed in logical and manageable screens.

In addition to WAM-Central, all collected data can be integrated with Mark-it Services ReeferWatch. This allows for a greatly expanded and integrated level of analysis and reporting including trip based origin/destination reporting and detailed fuel auditing reports to allow customers ensure there are no fuel billing irregularities, theft, or un-authorized use.

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