Mark-It Services
GPS Container Tracking

Inspections, Fueling, and Maintenance & Repair

For the past 18 years, Mark-It Services has been the industry leader in providing Inspections, Remote Fueling, Reefer Maintenance and Repair services.

Mark-It Services is a full-service equipment control company at your disposal 24/7, including all major holidays (i.e., Christmas and New Years) including:

  • Tracking and tracing
  • Downloads
  • Digital pictures of damage
  • Exception management
  • Reefer pre-tripping
  • Power Washing (Interior and Exterior)
  • Clip-on genset mounts and dismounts
  • Rail car genset connects and disconnects
  • After-market installation and upgrade campaign management
  • Satellite monitoring and web-based tracking
Reports and Data Analysis includes comprehensive and customized reporting to support informed business decisions:
  • Dwell Time Report
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Unit Failures Report
  • Coded Exception Report
  • Daily New Unit Count Report
  • Active Unit Summary Report
  • M & R Report

The Mark-It Advantage

  • Live coverage 7 days per week / 24 hours per day / 365 days per year
  • The industry’s most comprehensive vendor network of trained technicians
  • Mandatory field training for all administrative staff - MIS has staff with training and understanding of this business second to none
  • Specifically designed Web enabled software and wireless technology provide unmatchable real time information
  • New service locations are established immediately to support individual specialized needs
  • "Out of the ordinary" locations are everyday business for our organization
  • Detailed cost analysis customized to client's needs
  • Trending and Forecasting
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