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Reefer-Watch® is the only industry specific software providing a single point of info on reefer location and condition, etc etc. Developed over last 4 years, managing more than a million moves per year, etc
  • Proven implementation and integration with various dispatch management systems for global ocean carriers and railroads
  • Offers open standards and easy integration because it is built on Microsoft .NET platform with web services implementation
  • Standard XML schema definition for workorders and container events
  • Hand-held interfaces for field users for enhanced billing processes
Reefer-Watch 2.0 Enhancements

Mark-It Services (MIS) continues to be the number one choice of all major shipping lines for all their monitoring needs. To meet the expanding demands and expectations of our customers and vendors, our in-house IT department in conjunction with our off-shore development group is proud to announce the release of our newly expanded Reefer-Watch® 2.0.

RW 2.0 is a web-based, personalized tool for tracking, tracing and providing inspection and repair information for the refrigerated container/intermodal industry. We have added three new modules to Reefer-Watch: Service Agent Login (SAL), Port/Vessel Solutions (WAM-RF), and Genset Tracking and Global Tracking Solutions (WAM-GPRS).

RW 2.0 is built on an open architecture capable of receiving data from any source. The new system provides a single access point for all information related to loads monitored by MIS by combining information that is provided by several different sources. SAL inspection details, location and status reports from wireless devices (GPS), railroad tracing direct from the railroads, workorders from customers’ in-house systems, unit histories, reporting, billing, and invoicing information are all united and made available in RW 2.0. Additionally, since Reefer-Watch® is web-based, it can be accessed via the internet without installing special software.

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