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MIS was tasked by our customers to come up with a solution that would allow quicker access to information with increased security. In the process, MIS went beyond our customers’ requirements and created a system that also benefits our vendors. MIS developed a web-based solution for all vendors to enter their inspections, fuelings, labor and all associated services directly into RW 2.0. In brief detail, here are SAL’s benefits:
  • Prenotes
    • MIS has implemented direct EDI from our customers’ rail billing systems. This provides MIS with access to the most up-to-date information on our customers’ loads.
    • Prenotes no longer need to be faxed or emailed. Vendors simply login to RW to access the most updated prenotes from our customers’ systems.
    • Prenotes will be accessed via our Active Unit Report. There is no need to save faxed or emailed sheets.
    • Prenotes are no longer faxed or emailed. Duplicate entry of prenotes into multiple systems has also been eliminated.
    • Inspection sheets can now be printed with all fueling instructions, unit numbers, set temps, etc. already included. All an inspector has to do is fill in the appropriate information into the blank space provided.
    • Vendors can “build trains” so that all the units on a specific train are on one sheet. (MIS will customize to your requirement)
    • Vendors now have real time workorder information. When a unit is travelling to a location the Vendor has immediate access to the prenote information – even if MIS hasn’t prenoted them.

  • Active Unit Report (AUR) (units moving)
    • Vendors access the AUR for an overview of all units travelling to, from, and through their location. The AUR displays all these units with the following information attached:
      • All prenote information
      • Current tracing
      • Any updated instructions – eg, an updated set temperature or special fueling instructions for a specific unit
      • Vendors have the ability to filter this report via location and/or shipping line which provides them the flexibility to use the application in a way to best suit their processes.
  • Inspections
    • Vendors can electronically submit their inspections, fuelings, labor and associated services directly to MIS.
    • MIS provides a report to act as a form of “Checks and Balances” where a vendor can compare their inspection sheets to the information submitted to MIS.

    • Generating a bill to MIS has been made faster, easier, and more accurate. The inspection information entered by Vendors into SAL is used to generate a bill to MIS from the Vendor.
    • Over a specific period, Vendors can generate paperless bills to MIS that can be saved for historical purposes by the Vendor and MIS.
    • SAL provides a system of checks and balances. All inspections submitted by a Vendor are accepted or rejected (in the case of errors) by MIS. At the close of the billing period, the Vendor and MIS have the exact same information for services performed by the Vendor.
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